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Monday, March 27, 2006

Come on guys! Act your age!

In baseball today, Julian Tavares, known hot-head from the Boston Red Sox and Joey Gathright of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays got into an all out brawl over a close play at home plate in the eighth inning of their game today. Both players were ejected for participating in the shenanigans. I just have to ask why grown men are fighting over a spring game that doesn’t count anyway.

Friday, March 10, 2006

NFL Commissioner’s Strong Words

Without going to far into it, I wanted to talk a little about some comments by Paul Tagliabue on the demands of the Players Association. He has said that he feels the request does not take into account:

“…the reality of our league’s economics today. It is a very excessive and unrealistic demand.”

My take on it is that NFL players are paid the lowest amount per game of four major sports in this country. They wreck their bodies for a career that in reality last 3-4 years on average before they get injured or broken to play. I don’t think they are being excessive, I just think they are fighting for their right to a competitive wage increase.